Thursday, 13 April 2017

Notices to Mariners Week 16 - Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

Quite a lot this week, including some disturbing developments at Whitstable for anyone venturing inshore. See additional link below:

Permanent - five UKHO and one Trinity House:

1. ENGLAND - East Coast - Walton Backwaters - NM Block. Depths. - Revised depths at Island Point and Stone Point on the Walton Backwaters. The UKHO has issued a block for the Admiralty Chart which is downloadable on The block is UKHO copyright;
2. ENGLAND - Thames Estuary - Mouse Channel SE - Buoyage. Changes of yellow special marks to the south-east of the No 14 Barrow Deep port hand buoy and closer to the Alice danger buoy. See image usual page;
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - River Thames - Halfway Reach - Depths. reduced depth off Dagenham Ford works. Un likely to hinder leisure craft;
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Lower Road (approaches to Boston) - Drying heights on the south/eastern edge of the Lower Road channel;
5. ENGLAND - East Coast - Whitstable Bay - Marine farm. Legends. - large area twix the Swale and Whitstable Harbour designated as a marine farm (for Oysters - numerous obstructions!);
6. The Trinity House NtM issued tonight - re-position of the Oxley and Weir buoys at the entrance to the Ore - image on the same page above.


1. River Thames - Erith Reach - the Causeway is now open for use;
2. Harwich - Ha'penny Pier - details of this year's usage and a useful download of the leisure uses of the Stour and Orwell. On the Temporary list in the usual web page;
3. Harwich - Dredging from 20th April for about 6 days - Work between the Port of Ipswich and the River Orwell, debris to be 'dumped in the Long Reach;
4. Lowestoft - Lake Lothing - the Compass Buoy has been permanently removed;
5. Lowestoft - Dredging most of April and early May - three vessels to be used but area not specified;
6. Port of Wells - dredging;
7. Port of Ramsgate - Temporary race marks reinstated.

More info on Whitstable Marine Farm

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary

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